Sholom Park Reveals New Japanese Zen Garden

[vc_row full_width="stretch_row"][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are excited to announce that Sholom Park unveiled its much-anticipated Japanese style Zen Garden. This serene garden, crafted by landscape architects who designed Disney Tokyo gardens and supported by anonymous donors who shared the vision, is an oasis of peace and culture in Marion County. At its core...

Spring String featuring the Classern Quartet – Event Recap

It was a beautiful day to celebrate the spring season with the sound of music at Sholom Park. On Saturday, April 15, the park hosted a Spring Strings Concert featuring Classern Quartet. Their delightful 2-hour performance was made up of music sets that included everything from classical to rock. Photos by...

Zen Garden Update: Concrete Walkways

Zen Garden Update: After several weeks of site work and moving dirt we are now on to the next phase of construction in our Zen Garden coming this Fall....Concrete walkways!

Park Life: Purple Hairstreak

We love when our photography friends capture and share photos of nature in action at Sholom Park. Thank you C Kay Johnson for sharing this image of a great purple hairstreak!

National Gardening Day 2023

In honor of National Gardening Day on April 14, 2023, we thought we'd share past photos of our Lil' L.E.A.F gardeners that helped us plant herbs on the Sholom Park fragrance trail. Gardening provides many health benefits. It not only provides you with fresh herbs and produce for nutrients, it...

Zen Garden Update: Site Work Has Begun

Zen Garden Update: In case you haven't heard........ Sholom Park is under construction . We are excited to announce the start of the new Zen Garden. Let the Site work begin!!! Stay tuned on our social media pages for updates. In the meantime, please excuse our noise and dust.