We encourage you to enjoy your time volunteering at Sholom Park and hope that these guidelines will be of assistance. An online volunteer registration form follows these guidelines at the bottom of the page and may be completed after you have read through these guidelines.


Volunteers are a most valued resource of Sholom Park. Friends of Sholom Park may volunteer by:

• Assisting with park relations

• Distributing Park literature throughout the local community

• Assisting with educational programs at the Park

• Helping with Sholom Park hosted events

• Assist in Horticultural Park Maintenance

• Helping to keep the Park litter-free


Sholom Park’s volunteer program begins with reading the following guidelines and completing a Sholom Park volunteer registration form.

Volunteers will wear a provided Sholom Park Volunteer T-Shirt or Badge so guests may identify them.

As a Volunteer, you are Responsible to:

• Be courteous and kind to all Park visitors.

• Promptly report injuries and unsafe health incidents, practices or conditions to Park management.

• Perform tasks in a safe manner.

• Stay hydrated.

• Know your limitations. Do not lift heavier loads than you think are safe for you.

• Keep areas clean; look for potential hazards while doing tasks.

• Become familiar with and follow the safety and health protection procedures applicable to your assignment.

• Contact 911 for emergencies.

Volunteers are asked to familiarize themselves with Sholom Park’s website, which provides additional Park history, Park guidelines, the calendar of events, and much more information.


It is the Park staff’s intent to set examples for safety practices for all tasks and working conditions. Volunteers will be instructed to safely work within their assigned roles. Although every effort will be made to maintain a safe environment, the basic responsibility for health and safety rests with the individual. All volunteers should conduct their tasks in a safe and healthful manner.