sholom-park-ocala-fl-aerial-viewAs with most great achievements, Sholom Park began as a vision born in the hearts of Sidney and Ina Colen to create a source of inner peace for all who visit.

After years of conceptualizing the vision, a master plan for the park was developed in 1999 and the park concepts began to take shape. In 2001, horticulturist Steve Curl was engaged to oversee the final design and construction of the Park as it came to life.

Sholom Park was designed as a place to find inner peace and to thrive in the Central Florida climate. The park requires little or no supplemental watering. Native plants are combined with cultivated ornamentals, perennials, and annuals creating a beautiful and resilient landscape. Sholom Park offers a place of natural beauty, comprised of meadows, woodland areas, added flowers and trees, as well as native wildlife for everyone to enjoy.

Paved walkways meander throughout the park, winding through mature oaks, hickories, sweet gums and long leaf pine trees, as they allow guests to move from one trail or feature to the next. Trails lead guests to explore the park. There are numerous benches available upon which guests may rest as they contemplate the peaceful surroundings.

Sholom Park’s grand opening and ribbon cutting was celebrated October 17, 2004. The event was attended by hundreds of friends and supporters of Sholom Park.

ocala-fl-sholom-park-morningWhen you visit Sholom Park, you are encouraged to find your own symbolism in nature. Guests may look around and see beauty. Be mindful of what can be seen and felt with your heart and your soul. Perhaps you will find inspiration, whether something bold or brilliant, or just a common reflection that soothes your soul.

Whether introspection, silence, meditation, fresh air, or just a few moments to enjoy nature are your goal, Sholom Park’s purpose is to provide a majestic place where each individual may experience a true and lasting contentment. It is the hope that Sholom Park will be a seed of peace that grows within you and all those who visit.